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Commercial Radon Testing by the Pros

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*Industry Leader in Commercial Radon Testing since 1987.

*The First Choice for Commercial Clients (I.e. JE Dunn, Balfour Beatty, Walton Construction, US Army Corp. of Engineers, Terracon Environmental, et al.).

*Certified by AARST-NRPP for Commercial Radon Testing and Mitigation.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality of test results. Our lab provides the highest integrity of analysis for commercial testing.

Laboratory Services / Quick Turnaround

We are a certified AC primary laboratory and offer 24 hr. turn around services to our commercial clients and environmental companies once we have retrieved the radon device or detectors.

Detailed Reporting

Our clients receive the highest in industry standards regarding commercial radon test results, with full validity for inclusion in documentation for commercial real estate transactions.

Accurate Testing Methods for Commercial Properties

We have multiple ways to test for radon, as follows:

Short Term Test – have a testing period of 48 to 72 hours. This two-day testing period is the quickest way to test for radon (48 hours minimum required to conduct a valid commercial test).

Long Term Test – a longer testing period that runs from 90-365 days. Radon levels may fluctuate seasonally and from day-to-day. Choosing a long-term test produces a reading that is more representative the property's year-round average radon level.

Post-Remediation Test – Once we have installed your commercial mitigation system, then we conduct a follow-up test to verify a successful remediation and that radon levels are low. We recommend a new test every 2 years to ensure safe conditions at the property.

How We Measure Radon Levels

Activated Charcoal (AC) passive testing device(s) measure levels of radon concentrations in the air. During the test, existent radon gas diffuses passively into the device. Once the testing period is completed (min. 48hrs), we collect the testing devices and deliver them to the lab for analysis. These devices are inexpensive and appropriate for commercial buildings.

Continuous Monitor Radon devices (CRM) are active testing devices, that provide a detailed printout displaying hourly readings and calculate the average.

Alpha Track Radon devices (AT) are passive testing devices used for long term testing.

Inspection Procedures

Our Procedure for Performing Radon Tests is as follows:

12 hours prior to and during the radon test: closed property conditions are emphasized: all windows and doors to remained closed .

Test Begins: Our inspector sets up the radon detectors/testing device(s) in the lowest livable area of the property.

48+ hours: After the two day minimum testing period (see above), our inspector retrieves the detectors/testing device(s).

Lab Processing: The inspector then delivers the detectors/testing device(s) to our laboratory.

Test Analysis: The test results are then analyzed, quantified and confirmed by the lab.

Reporting: We generate a fully-detailed report and send out the final report to our client.

Procedures for Occupants of Commercial Properties

To ensure a valid test reading, certain procedures must be followed carefully by the those occupants or representatives of the property. Failure to maintain the integrity of the testing environment may result in invalid test results.

- See our Testing Guide - checklist of procedures for commercial occupants here.

- Testing services include HUD compliant testing.

We look forward to helping you ensure that your commercial property is free of dangers from radon.

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